A redo of a personalised saffiano leather wallet

personalised mens wallet singapore

This is the stuff of our nightmares. Using the same leather, the same brand of dye, the same dyeing technique, the grey colour to be used on the latest black saffiano-grey personalised mens wallet turned out olive colour instead. We can’t quite see in the photo but one of the pieces of leather is slightly different from the rest.

So many good pieces of leather wasted. Gonnaa use those olive coloured leather to make another wallet. Not too sure if it’s gonna be popular in Singapore though.

Trimming excess edge of personalised mens wallet

personalised mens wallet singapore

As you can see the cover piece of this personalised mens wallet has a wider surface area than the interior group. Gotta do some pasting, some trimming, some glueing, some hole punching, some stitching and some burnishing before we’re finally done with this beautiful design.

Black vertical personalised mens wallet

personalised mens wallet singapore

This personalised mens wallet customised to a Singapore customer’s design is potential my very own wallet once the current one wears out!

It is half way done with the wallet interior sewn and stitched together. Was in a rush so couldn’t quite stop to take photos of the raw leather used to make these intricately molded card slots.

New personalised mens wallet with two tones

personalised mens wallet singapore

New project! The exterior of this new order is dark brown saffiano on the outside and ocean blue on the inside. it is personalised with the debossment TT.

Customer chose to have four card  slots on the left and a coin pouch on the right. Number of slots fully customizable.

Two big fat needles on the sky blue leather

personalized wallet singapore

Love how the needle and thread look in this photo: like a pair of horses with those beautiful jet black mane. Loving, too, the black stitches against the sky blue leather. Can’t wait to pass this custom wallet over to our Singapore customer.

Tan colour long wallet engraved with name DAN.Y

Beautiful tan colour men’s long wallet customized for a long time customer.

long wallet for mens singapore



  • made of full grain vegetable tanned leather
  • left face: 6 card slots, 2 bill slots
  • right face: 6 card slots, 2 bill slots
  • complimentary initials embossment

Customize wallet:

  • customers are free to indicate the number of card slots required
  • fully customizable
  • price dependent on number of card slots and compartments

long wallet for mens singapore

Cover details:

  • Colour of customer’s choice
  • Featured above is tan colour full grain vegetable tanned leather

Perimeter of mens long wallet stitched

mens long wallet online

Corners properly rounded, edges buffed and perimeter all stitched up beautifully. Customer’s tan colour mens long wallet completed, completed with intials embossment. I must admit the fullstop is sexy though quite action bedek heh heh.

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