Hocks – Alcis personalised luxury leather gifts Singapore

Luxury leather gifts Singapore > Personalised leather gifts

Without further ado, please enjoy your tour of Hocks – Alcis’ luxury gifts below : D)

Custom metal initials

Hocks – Alcis offers the pinnacle of personalised leather products with our hand finished metal initials and personal logos.

luxury gifts singapore

The photo above features personal metal logos customised to our client’s DW initials.

personalised luxury gifts singapore

Purchased in a set of 10 pieces from Broadway Leather Company, our client has elevated his personal branding game.

These sleek solid brass studs can be attached to any leather products made with us, such as briefcase, belts, wallets & cardholders as per photo above, and even leather shoes made with our sister brand AQUILA.

Not only are we able to make a custom logo brass studs, but we also have an assortment of initials that are ready to be assembled when you purchase a product made by us.

Luxury leather gifts Singapore > Personalised leather gifts

Gold foil printed personalisation

Apart from names and initials, Hocks – Alcis is able to customise printing in the form of ethnic characters and spelling, as well as personalised messages, on projects commissioned with us.

personal message wallets

Gold foil printed personalised message on a men’s long wallet. This is a gift from a lady to her beau.

alran chèvre goat leather cardholder

Gold foil printing with brass leather stamp customised to our client’s personal logo/signature.

buy alran goatskin singapore

Unfiltered photo of late night work under artificial glaring light. Gold foil printing of bifold wallets made of chèvre chagrin sully goatskin leather from French tannery Alran.

alran chevre sully goatskin leather wallets

The exceptional result; we can’t love the grain and the gold printing more.

personalised leather gifts singapore

A customer had this watch strap custom made to pamper himself. Gold foil printed with his initials “M.C.”.

Luxury leather gifts Singapore > Personalised leather gifts

yang qin case

Hand dyed oxblood Yang Qin travelling case embossed with the giftee musician’s Chinese name.

leather envelope style laptop sleeve

Two leather laptop sleeves in the style of string tie envelopes, each with their respective embossed names.

envelope style leather laptop sleeve
personalised leather lanyard singapore

Leather lanyard with attached card holder embossed with KN initials in classic font.

Corporate logo printing

custom leather bags singapore

We do not only handle personal projects but corporate projects as well, such as this men’s clutch in hand dyed oxblood colour for AQUILA.

custom leather bags singapore

AQUILA label inside the clutch.

Luxury leather gifts Singapore > Personalised leather gifts

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