Handmade leather wallets in hand dyed colours

These wallets are built from scratch, do feel free to request for colours and discuss possible card slots and configurations with us.

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Every stitch on these belts are hand stitched

The following are hand crafted leather belts for our customers who believe in the skilled craftsman more than they believe in sewing machines. Every belt is hand cut, hand bevelled, hand stitched and hand polished. Customers can indicate the widths (eg. 1.5″) and colours they would like to have customised.

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Rounding the leather corner manually

Hocks-Alcis prepares for a blue crocodile bag project. Here we practise rounding the corner of the blue crocodile patterned hide. The tan colour doesn’t quite fit the blue though. Will probably go with a darker brown.

handmade leather bags singapore

Another round of testing on a hand dyed red veg tanned leather.

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