Bag repair, restoration & servicing for luxury branded bags Singapore

Are your old luxury branded bags worn down? Are their edges peeling? How about the leather? Are they moldy, dry, or torn? Contact us to get your cherished bags repaired.

Burberry bag serviced

The following is a before and after comparison of our client’s Burberry bag. We were tasked to replaced the bag handles, as well as the brim lining. Drag the center slider left and right to see the difference.

bag repair singaporebag repair singapore

In the hands of experienced craftsmen

We are a team of experienced craftsmen whose years of experience include crafting luxury crocodile leather bags, on top of handling clients’ luxury branded bags.

  • crocodile bag singapore
  • crocodile leather bag singapore

LV bags to be serviced

Receipt of clients’ LV bags. Contact us now.

  • repair lv bag singapore
  • bag paint peeling singapore
  • repair bag strap singapore

Bag strap repair & replacement

The bag strap is how usually most people carry their bag, it also means that it is facing the constant stress from the weight of the bag and it tends to crack under that pressure. It is also one of the part that constantly touching our body, therefore it tends to absorb more of our sweat. You might think that why would water cause leather to dry out, but leather gets its suppleness from oil and water actually displaces the oil in the leather (think of the science experiment we used to do in school when mixing oil and water together), therefore removing the source of nourishment from the leather and causing it to dry out. How can we help is by making a new bag strap for you, we will try to source out something

Bag Handle Replacement- Similar to the strap, the handle also tends to get easily worn out due to the fact that it carries the weight of the bag and also in constant contact with your hand. Worn down or torn handles can be replaced with matching leather to ensure that your bag gets a new breath of life.

Brim Lining Replacement

If a bag is not edge painted it is usually covered with a thin piece of leather, however having such a thin piece of leather means that it wouldn’t last very long, therefore it is one of the most common item to get replaced, contact us to get yours repaired with matching leather.

Loop Replacement

The loop are usually the connecting point for the strap and the bag, it carries the whole weight of the bag, therefore most of the pressure is on this part causing it to get worn down faster than the rest of the bag, we would be able to replace it with similar looking leather.

Edge paint repair

The edge peeling off is one of the most common problem that arises after using the bag for some time as it usually faces most of the abrasion when handling a bag. Because of it needs to be flexible, it tends to bend, crack and peel off after some time. We will either strip the old edge of all the paint and repaint the whole thing or we will do a touch up depending on case by case basis. We will try to match the color with the original. The edge paint that we are using is the industry standard and is what the big brands are using.

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