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Please enjoy your tour of the following custom wallets we have crafted for our customers, many of which are made to designs of their old wallets that they are attached to : D)


Farewell gift to an American friend

singapore leather craftsmen
custom made leather wallet singapore

This wallet was gift from a few friends to a beloved individual who is about to return to the U.S.. They brought us his wallet to have it replicated.

Gift for a father

A gentleman brought his father’s favourite wallet to us to have it replicated, but in black and red dual tone.

Personalised with our client’s father’s initials embossed on it.

Home > custom leather wallets

Feng Shui lucky wallet

feng shui wallet singapore

A customer had this Feng Shui lucky wallet custom made with us. It is made in green, his lucky colour, and the hole at the bottom is made as tiny as possible to prevent wealth from flowing out of his wallet.

feng shui wallet singapore

Finally, an all round zip prevents ensures that the wealth is kept within the wallet.

leather money clip wallet singapore
slim trifold leather wallet
slim trifold leather wallet
leather coin pouch singapore

Home > custom leather wallets

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