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Handle stitched onto the bag body

Our customer’s custom bag is taking shape. The handles have just been stitched onto both the front and back panels of his office bag.

Mens clutch bag in tan veg tanned leather

mens clutch bag singapore

This beautiful hand clutch bag is commissioned by a Singaporean gentleman. He brought us his sample and we followed its major concepts while ignoring other aspects of it, given that the sample is made of an entirely different kind of material. The main external feature are the zip and the strap for our customer’s hand to go through.

mens clutch bag singapore


  • external zip opens up to reveal two sub-compartments separated by a center divider
  • left side: 1 sub-compartment, 1 zip compartment
  • right ride: 1 sub-compartment, 4 card slots
  • complimentary initials embossment

Customize wallet:

  • customers are free to indicate the number of card slots required
  • fully customizable
  • price dependent on number of card slots and compartments

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