Remake of a friend’s wallet; parting gift

A customer’s friend is about to leave Singapore for good, returning to his home country.

As a parting gift, he requested for us to make a custom wallet with the same size and card slots as his friend’s old wallet which he really loved.

personalised leather wallet singapore
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Trifold wallet lesson 0.5: partial finishing before stitching begins

Lessons 0.5 across all our diy kits cover the partial finishing steps, which is optional, even before hand stitching begins.

While these steps of finishing in lessons 0.5 refine the item, they are unnecessary.

In fact, many customers prefer their items to retain their raw and rugged look. Hence, they do not bother with post-stitch finishing (in lesson 2) even after completing the hand stitching (in lesson 1).

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Card holder lesson 1: hand stitching and holding techniques

Card holder lesson 1

The following are the step-by-step instructions for completing your card holder! Enjoy!

If you haven’t already, feel free to purchase our sewing kit by contacting us!

Theading the needle

First, thread the needle.

Next, at about 2-3cm from the end of the thread, place the needle point at the center of the flat thread.

diy leather card holder
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Card holder lesson 2: burnishing the edge

Card holder lesson 2

Lesson one was about how to stitch your leather card holder from our Hocks-Alcis beginner diy sewing kit. The kit included pre-punched leather panels, needles and thread.

Lesson two is about burnishing the card holder and deals primarily with smoothing the edges. Tools required are:

  • Sandpaper
  • Beveling tool
  • Wooden slicker
  • Creasing tool

You can purchase this add-on set of tools with our basic kit.

Finishing your card holder

Sand the edges of your leather card holder all round to remove as much of the skin/flesh fibre sticking out from the edge.

Swipe left and right

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Feng shui wallet customised to customer’s specific requests

We had to fulfill three specific requirements to make this feng shui wallet for our customer:

  • It had to be green which is our customer’s lucky colour
  • It cannot have a hole at the bottom of the wallet to prevent the wealth from leaking out
  • There must further be an all round zip for double prevention and to prevent leaks from the top

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Rounding the leather corner manually

Hocks-Alcis prepares for a blue crocodile bag project. Here we practise rounding the corner of the blue crocodile patterned hide. The tan colour doesn’t quite fit the blue though. Will probably go with a darker brown.

handmade leather bags singapore

Another round of testing on a hand dyed red veg tanned leather.

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