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Considered the epitome of raw leather at present, the following are personalised leather gifts that we have crafted for our customers out of chèvre sully goatskin leather from the French tannery Alran, bought from Broadway Leather Company.

Please enjoy your tour : D)


Watch roll travel case

leather watch roll travel case

Even though our client’s Alran chèvre leather watch roll is incomplete, if we do not take photos of it with another client’s chèvre passport wallet now, we will not get another chance to do it.

This is because we are due to handover the wallet soon while we are waiting for the brass eyelet and deer horn for the watch case to arrive.

leather watch roll singapore

Leather watch roll is lined with suede for softness and to protect the face of our client’s watches.


alran chèvre goat leather cardholder

Cardholder personalised with custom designed gold foil printing.

Custom brass stamp from Broadway Leather Company.

Bifold wallets

alran chevre sully goatskin leather wallets

Complementary standard font printing of giftees’ initials on basic bifold wallet with coin pouch.

alran chevre sully goatskin leather wallets

It’s doing the little things well.

Long wallets

goat skin wallet

Long wallet made for a lady who spared no expense.

french goat skin wallet

Made through and through of premium chèvre goat leather from France tannery Alran.

Home > Alran chèvre goatskin leather gifts

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