Custom luxury leather handbag charms

Luxury and designer leather bag charms are all the rage now.

designer handbag charms

Cats & dogs

Our cat designer bag charms made of real genuine suede which is furry, like real cats.

To all mummies and daddies of little furry ones, feel free to send us photos of your beloved pets and we will walk you through the possibilities of crafting our (very very furry) suede leather into the image of your baby.

General requests

custom leather handbag charms

Each were cut approximately to 10cm x 10cm.

To bring out the flavour of a bag charm fully, the layers that constitute the charm must successfully reproduce the 3-D form of an object. It is in essence a 3-D art, albeit flat.

leather handbag charm singapore
leather bag charm

The reverse side of the charm.

leather bag charms

Hand cutting the vegetable tanned leather.

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