Trifold wallet lesson 0.5: partial finishing before stitching begins

Lessons 0.5 across all our diy kits cover the partial finishing steps, which is optional, even before hand stitching begins.

While these steps of finishing in lessons 0.5 refine the item, they are unnecessary.

In fact, many customers prefer their items to retain their raw and rugged look. Hence, they do not bother with post-stitch finishing (in lesson 2) even after completing the hand stitching (in lesson 1).

Lesson 0.5

Finishing/smoothing the flesh side of your wallet.

Apply cmc to the flesh side.

how to finish flesh side of leather

Prepare your wood slicker or you can purchase this from us as part of an expanded kit to your basic kit.

wood edge slicker

Burnish the flesh side using the cone section of your slicker when the cmc is about dry.

burnish flesh side of leather

To recap, this is a partial finishing process before hand stitching begins.

Therefore, the next step is to bevel the edges of the leather panel where no stitching occurs. The edges to be hand stitched will only be beveled after stitching.

Bevel both flesh side and hair side of the edges.

Swipe left and right

  • leather edge beveler
  • beveling tools for leather

After beveling both the flesh side and hair side of your leather panel, it leaves a rounded edge.

Damp the rounded edge with a wet cloth. Be conservative and ensure that your first attempt is with a cloth that is not too wet. We do not want the water to seep too much onto the surface of the leather.

Swipe left and right

  • burnish vegetable tanned leather
  • burnish vegetable tanned leather
  • how to make a leather wallet from scratch
  • how to make a leather wallet from scratch

Burnish the leather edge with your wood slicker as the damp edge is about to dry.

make your own leather wallet singapore

Use the cone end of your slicker to burnish hard to reach corners.

We left the edges with the stitching untouched. It will be burnished and finished after stitching.

make your own leather wallet singapore

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