Card holder lesson 2: burnishing the edge

Card holder lesson 2

Lesson one was about how to stitch your leather card holder from our Hocks-Alcis beginner diy sewing kit. The kit included pre-punched leather panels, needles and thread.

Lesson two is about burnishing the card holder and deals primarily with smoothing the edges. Tools required are:

  • Sandpaper
  • Beveling tool
  • Wooden slicker
  • Creasing tool

You can purchase this add-on set of tools with our basic kit.

Finishing your card holder

Sand the edges of your leather card holder all round to remove as much of the skin/flesh fibre sticking out from the edge.

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Next, bevel the edges with the beveling tool.

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  • bevelling leather edges

Beveling completed. We can see the that the originally harsh edge has now been rounded due to the beveling. However, skin fibres are still present.

leather beveling tool

Sand the edges again which was freshly beveled at 45 degrees to your card holder.

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  • sand leather edges
  • how to sand leather smooth

After sanding the beveled edges, wet the edge with a damp cloth. Be sure to make the first attempt with a well wringed cloth lest the cloth is too wet.

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  • how to smooth leather edges
  • how to burnish leather edges

Allow the leather to dry completely before burnishing the edge with a wooden slicker.

leather wood slicker

Finally, crease the edge with a creasing tool.

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  • creasing leather edges
  • creasing leather edges

And there we have it! Enjoy your card holder as it ages with use!

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how to make a leather card holder

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