Feng shui wallet customised to customer’s specific requests

We had to fulfill three specific requirements to make this feng shui wallet for our customer:

  • It had to be green which is our customer’s lucky colour
  • It cannot have a hole at the bottom of the wallet to prevent the wealth from leaking out
  • There must further be an all round zip for double prevention and to prevent leaks from the top

feng shui wallet singapore

The bill slot is intentionally made to conceal the dollar notes only partially, in order that the wallet be kept small and neat. The coin pouch is also shorter than usual in full height wallets. We also reduced the number of card slots to two.

no hole wallet singapore

The bottom of wallet is made to be as tight as possible to minimise the hole. Unfortunately, as a matter of construction, that tiniest gap is still required to accomodate the zip car.

Fully zipped up wallet for double protection against wealth leak even from the top.

feng shui wallet singapore

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